Human Evolution: We have spoken much about what transpires as you embody the Creation cycle (vibration of the New Earth.) We have spoken about “the shift.” Indeed, it is an internal one, it is also a paradigm shift with a new way of life for those who are experiencing it in this incarnation. We have spoken of the stillness where creation is born, and the feeling of arriving home. We spoke about merging with the “ALL”, not to mention the learning curve, and all that goes with it. We have spoken too about your blueprints. Let’s not forget about the “I-cloud” and the “behavior modificators”. We have said that now, we become all the wonderful tools we used to use to get here. We now create consciously with consciousness, or consciously with thoughts, words and actions. We explained why and how it is very important to be in vertical and horizontal coherence, as we first put our pants on in this new vibration/paradigm… meaning taking the role as the modern-day Alchemists to become the ultimate Alchemists in the cycle of “Wonder,” and having those pants tailor fitted. 

These are some of the main topics we have discussed in great detail when one arrives to the Shores of the New Earth/ Creation cycle. We also have said that when one part of you expands, so does all other aspects of you, meaning all yourselves in different dimensions, your light-bodies, physical bodies, your DNA, your physiology, your consciousness and awareness of who you are and who you are not. Indeed, that is what happened to allow you to make that quantum shift, whether you did it in a very slow experiential way or in a quantum jump. We also have said that there is no judgement, simply because there is none here, and everyone at one time or another will experience these cycles of evolution and this new paradigm. It is simply the soul’s journey… just as the so-called previous cycles. And because we are multidimensional, we have parts of us, aspects of us in them “ALL” simultaneously. We have spoken much on the previous cycles and will continue to speak about them for those on the way. 

What we have not spoken about much is the new light-bodies that you acquired to support your physical bodies. This is what you consider to be your souls, the part of you that you don’t see most of the time, or only glimpses; the part of you that is your true life-force, your “Forever Being.” Without this part, there wouldn’t be the physical part of you, that you think is you. This is the eternal essence we all are. This aspect of you, that we are calling light bodies or energetic bodies, is the vehicle that determines how you travel and where you can travel… meaning consciously along with consciousness/energy that you are. Many of you have written about and have/had collective and individual experiences of previous light bodies that we needed in coherence within the Healing and Ascension cycles. You may think that all light bodies are all the same, and in fact as a general human assumption/understanding for the large part are. But light-bodies are individual as snowflakes or fingerprints. The individual part has to do with your blueprints in each cycle. It always boils down to what you created yourself to create and experience in each cycle. 

Since we are focusing on these cycles in the new to us paradigm, which are the Creation, the Joy and the Wonder cycles, and Aloha, our light bodies also had to go through a transformation. When we arrived at the Shores of the New Earth, we received what is called a Rainbow light body, but it is not what the Tibetan monks called a Rainbow body. (That was a term labeled for a different creation and experience.) This light body is labeled this because we are now truly full spectrum multidimensional beings, with a rainbow of colors not known to humankind unless they had a need to be aware of it in other dimensions during the Ascension cycle/ your self-discovery cycle, but you had not merged or fully acquired it. It was a tool for special purpose, but when you arrive here, you embodied it for the cycle of Creation and Joy. It is a light body that David was shown “it is not in stock yet in stores. But coming soon.” So, whoever needs it, can acquire it. When we embody the cycle of Wonder, we got the new updated version of the Rainbow light body for this paradigm. It, combined with your consciousness, can allow you to travel, communicate, create with your thoughts, because you are now the ultimate Alchemist and physically living in the vibration of “Aloha.” (We will speak more about that later. It is a bit different than just Heaven on Earth.) This new light body now links you with all and every other aspect of the I AM, that is already created and will be. It links or merges you with all other aspect of yourself. This is also how we transform to be the ultimate Alchemist now. 

Going through our ascension/ self-discovery cycle, we saw how our chakras transformed, our Merkabahs, our energetic points of the axiatonal grid, implants and programs in conjunction with our DNA activations, encodements, decalcification of the glandular system as well. (There are other writings out there to get more technical, if you choose to read about them.) This new updated version of your new light bodies, we don’t even label it or put focus on it, because we would limit it by what we think we know or try to categorize it. You can just say, it has all the tools, colors, geometric shapes, and patterns, and light to connect and merge with all of creation and allows you to experience it in the physical (the unlimited in the limited form experiencing the unlimited,) including shape shifting and transforming the hologram of light you are and so is everything else in material form. 

David and Maria have found that to support their new light bodies, as in other cycles, your lifestyles play a huge role in what you call your health, emotions, reality and wellbeing. But with any highly-advanced machinery, the best quality fuel you feed it on all levels is the best. So, as always, the higher vibration and best tool for the job should always be chosen, simply so you can en”joy” the full benefits of these new light bodies. They have realized, as all cycles have, your choices are a bit different for few reasons, and when you arrive here, to the Creation cycle, you realize you are “one,” merged with the “ALL.” So maybe, you may start consuming foods and have stopped certain practices that you did in other cycles for energetic reasons and expansion. 

But they have found, that going through their learning curve, diet, movement, sun, fresh air, etc, in fact must match vibrationally to their light bodies. For them, high vibrational mostly raw diet, juices, smoothies, low daily quantities, no caffeine, no alcohol nor sugar, grains, flour, dairy, and all foods prepared by themselves have proved to be their vibrational match. The vibration of food prepared not by them, even if high quality, in a café or restaurant, will show up in disconformity in their bodies (not coherent.) 

Movement for these light bodies is also different. For them, example; yoga is done in a different manner than they used to. Exercise and movement may be different of what it used to be for you too, as when we had previous light bodies. And of course, high vibrational oils and herbs and supplements to support their new light bodies. Same goes for any amount of time watching, listening to something, social media… all those things put you back in the matrix and keeps you there, until you take yourself out. That is not the vibration of the New Earth, or Aloha.  

Also, they noticed that getting up early has made a big difference. First thing they do is to practice yoga, meditation, and take all items from the I-cloud out for the day, for what they wish to create and play with/ experience.  It sounds like what we have done in previous cycles, but as you know, there are layers and layers of awareness and understanding and how the ultimate Alchemist creates and plays. So, it may look the same but worlds of difference. 

As you may be embodying this new vibration, experiment and play, notice the small little changes you make and how it effects your reality, and celebrate them. Of course, all is done with Joy. That is how we now create. Play and put the effort in to experience your new light bodies too. Master the Art of Living, as the ultimate alchemist you created yourself to be.

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(NOTE: This is an updated version of the blog posted on 03/25/2021, by The Forever Beings)