Focus Your Mind

Focus Your Mind to Create What You Wish!

We have used that term before, “where is your physical focus now?” Everything has layers or a multipurpose meaning, but for the sake of this teaching, let’s look at this from the perspective of the mental/physical, meaning… Every time we have a thought, speak a word, or take an action, we are literally opening an energetic doorway to another possibility. Or, a better way to say this is… We are creating one outcome out of the infinite possibilities to show up in our reality (potentially.)

Focusing all our thoughts, words, and actions will produce a specific outcome in our physical reality for us to experience. Now, that can be perceived as good, bad, happy, sad, joyful, miserable, etc. These perceptions, combined with our emotions, are the key guides to our next creation. But, we will discuss more on that later, as that is a topic in itself. For now, we can just look at it as pure creation.

If we can relate to an experience we may have had, or understand just how this works, we can use our mental capacities as a tool that will prove to be invaluable. At the same token, when we do not use or master this tool, we create such convoluted energetic doorways (possibilities/timelines) that it will take us in the physical all over the place and not bring our desired outcomes, which equals frustrations and unfulfilling experiences. This concept is a key to be the modern-day master and ultimate alchemist.

Now, we have said before, when one part of us expands, so does every other aspect of us, in order to support that expansion. When one is in the healing cycle, for instance, this concept works one way, and when one reaches the shores of the New Earth (creation cycle), it works another way, because of the difference in vibration, and the expansion that took place. We are now merged with what we call the “ALL,” bringing a huge change, putting us in a different paradigm. So, with that expansion, this concept works almost immediately. Thus, ask for apples and you will get apples; ask for oranges and you will get oranges. It is that simple, that fast, that easy!

As always, there is no judgment… where our focus is (in vibration, dimension, and/or physical point in time/space.) But when one arrives to the shores of the New Earth or this new paradigm, back to Eden, all our experiences and emotions are only joy. Everything we do and create will be done within and out of joy. Thus, let’s use our mental capabilities wisely and create based on joy!

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(NOTE: This is a revised version of blog posted on 02/19/21 by The Forever Beings)