Creating an Exciting New World.

We have been speaking very much about current affairs- not the kind on the TV or news, but the evolution of humanity. That also involves the planet Earth. Because for millions of years, and since the first human being has been around, you did not look like what you may think or do now, and you will not look like this as evolution goes forward. You transform the physical bodies to match more of your next generational/cycles of light bodies.

Our physical focus for now, though, is the paradigm of the creation cycle and forward (the cycles of joy and wonder, and the cycle of Aloha) Once one has experienced these in physical form as the I AM YOU ARE, as most of you will now, or what you call the future, there is simply no need for as many human souls/ physical bodies to help with bringing the planet as well as humanity up to this new paradigm/vibration. That gives other aspects of creation a chance to utilize the other dimensions/cycles for their evolution.  

By the time all of Earth and humans embody this vibration of the New Earth, there will be no need for the human race to experience the other side of polarity, meaning the cycles of survival, healing, ascension, and even creation. Remember, when one part of you expands, so do all other aspects of you. And Earth is included in that other aspect of you.  

Humanity will take on the appearance of more of a galactic-humanoid shape, with long flexible strong bodies, smooth skin, balanced hormonally and energetically, with many changes to their organs, because of the way you will communicate, eat, travel and do things in the physical (and those will change from the ones we do now, drastically.) This will take place over your lineal time/ evolution. It is already happening. You may say that you will be “more light” (light-body) than ever before, and still have a physical form, and your life span will be a common 300 plus years. 

Of course, the Earth will always have a place in creation, for other aspects of creation. But that would not be your physical focus. It has already been talked about that once all humans master being the modern-day and ultimate alchemist (and master energy manipulation) and embody the vibration of Aloha, that would be your last incarnation on this planet, as you now know it. In fact, once the race reaches to the vibration of total oneness, as a race in its entirety, it will be then only a race of light (which is what you are now, you just do not realize it, including the statement of “oneness.” But by then, you will not know any different.) 

What about the planet? Well, some say it is a “ship,” or has other races living in and already on, or visiting the planet, including more advance races, and less advance races, and everything else in between. It is all true. The planet simply is a creation out of the “All,” with many aspects of herself as well… meaning it is also multidimensional to support many experiments, agendas, dimensions, and vibrations, all for the many races, and type of consciousness/energy, out of creation.

Creation creates for pure joy, always changing, evolving and transforming. It is a nonstop, never ending process. And in it, we have an infinite number of possibilities and scenarios at play, at the same time. As part of creation, sometimes things evolve and they are no longer needed, or out of the forefront of creation and no longer noticeable or appear to be there. But in some timeline or dimension, they will still be existing. The same is true for certain races, they have evolved so much that their presence is no longer known/needed, and that experience is shut down. It sounds drastic, but really it is not, because part of you already exist in these dimensions and you do not see it because of your limited human perception (This is what your human project/game is about, meaning being the limitless in the limited form, experiencing the limitless.) The game of creation goes for all planets, including this one. 

As far as humans in this lineal now, you can see a major shift is happening/ happened. That is what you have noticed the past few years, and the resent artificial intelligence, and all the advances in your limited science and medical fields.  

We know that most humans are not capable of advancing spiritually or consciously at this time. So, technology is stepping in, while the ones that are consciously awake enough can bypass most of that. There is no judgment which way one choses to evolve (spiritually or technologically) because we understand that it is all for human evolution and creation. While one may be a short-cut, sort to say, we will all arrive to the mountain top of human evolution, one way or another one.

From that point on, you will not recognize the planet you once called Earth because it would not be. It will be a serene, balance of nature and technology, a quiet and peaceful and futuristic to anything you presently see on the planet.  

None of this information is meant to startle you or cause anxiety or concern. Of course, timelines and creation always have its twists and turns. As we have said, parts of you are already there and you can see how this union benefits the “All.” Space travel and visiting other “home” planets will already be a common occurrence. As we go forward in this lineal evolution, there will be no need for what you call medicine and food, as it is now. So, do be excited and dream as your individual blueprints are creating this as we speak, cycle by cycle, dimension by dimension. As everything advances and evolves, we say again and again, dream, imagine and create with the only emotion that is left by now, “Joy.” Just as creation itself creates. 

You can think to yourself: How exciting! How cool and wonderful! We/you, seen and unseen, create all this magic, joy and wonder, going forward.  Thus, we say… our extreme debt, love and gratitude for the parts of ourselves in physical form (you) as The Forever Beings we are. 

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NOTE: REPOSTED BLOG (Original posted on 04/04/2021, by The Forever Beings)