Today’s message is SIMPLE! Can you catch all the boomerangs that you have created/are creating?

We explained to you the role of the alchemist in detail- from the mental, the physical, even the spiritual states. We asked you to remain in the now & play with the infinite possibilities (you in all its forms) that you can materialize and bring forth for you to experience in physicality. We talked about coherence (vertically and horizontal, your cross that leads you to your destiny (blueprint).) We warned you on the effects that your thoughts, words, and actions have in this paradigm. We even had let you taste the role of the alchemist, as you catch some of the boomerangs you have created, leaving you to ask “How is this even possible? What else can I create?” We have talked to you about all these, & more… to remind and teach you your new role as ultimate alchemist. This is how you create, in your physicality, this New Earth, a vibration, and a location, that has been here from the beginning of time.

Again, we show you (you show yourself) some of the things possible in this vibration, and now we ask you to apply, to be this ultimate alchemist, not only for your own benefit, but for the All, as you are All of the above. Can you catch All the boomerangs? and be 100% in this vibration (deeper level of the New Earth/Aloha)?

It is time to be, to apply & surrender yourself into this sweet vibration. Release all concerns on how it can be done, because you know it simply can, and play & catch your boomerangs. When you do this, you are establishing deeper roots in Aloha, your ultimate paradise.

We are here, with you, in you, and all around you. You can’t fail, you wouldn’t fail. Just imagine what it would feel like to be the ultimate alchemist? Can you put on these shoes? They definitely fit! And now you are fully dressed, with T-shits, pans, and shoes…

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NOTE: This is a REPOSTED BLOG from 04/29/2021, from The Forever Beings.