The Forever Beings

Speaking of Arriving to the Shores of the New Earth, it sounds strange, and almost scary for some. Maybe that is why many have not made the choice to do so, and that is ok, because, sooner or later, we will all, in the physical, experience the vibration of the New Earth. There is no way around it, as it is part of the human evolution; just like how everything else evolves. 

For some, we did everything in our power to get here and there was no stopping us, which is also great! And once we got here, we surely felt bliss and we got to feel that feeling of BEING HOME and UNSHAKABLE PEACE and we wanted to create something and just WOW!!!! We did not know life could feel like this! This is what life should be like!!! Why did it take so long?

That wonderful bliss may start to fade, and we may ask ourselves, now what? Well, we start to realize who we are, and that is why we say this is the Creation Cycle/Self-Realization. We also remember our real “blueprint,” or what we truly came to create, explore, push the boundaries and live our own truth. Whether anyone else gets it or not. But the truth is, as this vibration of the New Earth embodies more and more of us, or more and more of us arrive to what we call the shores of the New Earth, this blueprint we encoded ourselves with flourishes, because it is part of our evolution and the new vibration/paradigm/creation of this New Earth. It can be very confusing to us at first because we are not accustomed to working and living or even wondering how our needs get met in this new way of living. 

We may try to go back to what we were used to in the Healing and Ascension Cycles (previous paradigms, but you can’t) We have been there, done that, and got the T-shirts…. Well, here we say… hang those up, time to learn to wear our paints and new pair of boots now! 

Now for Maria and I, we were always told, when we embody this vibration (merge with the ALL) it doesn’t matter what we do, even if we are washing dishes, we will have so much joy and abundance that people would wonder how we do it. And this is true! Except for me, every time I took a job like that, it was fun for a few days, then I ended it.  Why?? The biggest reason is, I just can’t do things just because any more, like in the old paradigm, like many of us did, just do whatever it takes because we thought we had to, to survive. We have all been there, done that, right!? 

We came to the conclusion, nothing truly brings the passion, the effortless-ness than to do what we love and un-cover our blueprints, even if you don’t see any financial gain or wonder how your bills will get paid (But you will learn how all works) Somehow, at least in our case, we have less and less material items, unless they truly bring us joy. We do not have a steady paycheck for years now (We have experienced lots of releasing around that.) We do not really own anything, and we live among people with plenty of 3D means, in a very exclusive part of the country, on the ocean. We do have an old beautiful boat docked where we live, that teaches us so much and we love. 

It may look to some that the way we live is seemingly backwards. So, what do we do? We do what brings us joy and we follow the teachings and philosophy of THE FOREVER BEINGS! We also understood the true reason to incarnate on earth, which is to learn how to manipulate energy, to be the creator in physical form (the I AM Presence) and embody the cycle of Aloha, bringing forward the experience in the physical to the consciousness that which we are all a part of. 

It can be very confusing at first and like we said, there is no way around this vital wonderful part of our existence/evolution/expansion/creation. Thus, part of what we do is to help shine the light for those too wondering what the heck is happening to them, once they arrive to the shores of the New Earth and realize that things are not quite the same.

If you would like to be part of this expanding consciousness, please do contact us; let us assist you! (that is our blueprint) Let’s us help you bring forward what is needed for you to uncover your blueprints. For more information on how enroll in The Forever Beings Workshops and Transformational Private Session, Click Here.

(Note: This is an updated version of blog posted 02/19/2021 by The Forever Beings)