It is in this most important time that we ask you to not only release the fears and judgements about any particular or multiple subjects going on in your realm of perception, but about anything and everything that is in your awareness/mind/thoughts, on a galactic, global, and even in your countries and cities where you reside, including what you would consider to be personal. This should and will be a practice that will put you, as individuals and as a collective, on the fast train to embody not only the vibration of the New Earth, but also another vibration/dimension of the New Earth, which we call “ALOHA.”

This is a follow up question to last week’s seminar. Which is: “how can one move forward consciously and embody the New Earth, and then on to the vibration of “Aloha”?”

The above practice (release) will get easer as you go, and certainty as you embody the cycle of creation while reaching the Shores of the New Earth, as you question your every thought, word, and action, and question what you are hearing or seeing outside of yourself, and as you take a big step to the side to put some space between what you and your thoughts are, and what your mind is telling you from your “limited” perspective on all levels (physical, energetic, mental, and emotional.)

This action will give you the power of “NOW” to see things from a different perspective, and what that “NOW” opportunity affords you. Remember who you are, and how you create from the “I AM Presence’s” point of view, the Forever Bing you are! Then, engage the behavior modificators, wait a few minutes before you utter a word or a sound, and if necessary, retrieve any thoughts that are not in coherence vertically and horizontally with who you are, and what you wish to create. Finally, take actions at all levels (thoughts, words and actions) to create with all aspects of you, as you start to understand everything is indeed “YOU.”

All these actions are offering you everything needed to move forward in a quantum way by questioning your thoughts, emotions, and perceptions of what you believe is real or true. As you merge with the consciousness of your Forever Being and all aspects of yourself, as you realize and experience that there is no separation in all creation (in reality, it never was,) this knowing will make all the difference in your evolutionary journey… not to mention all areas in your life, which for some is the most important part because this is where you apply what you have gained, which will lead to uncovering your “blueprint” and why you chose to materialize yourself in this physical form.

And with this expansion, all aspects of you also expand, allowing you to access/embody these dimensions/vibrations/cycles we are experiencing in our physical journeys.

To facilitate your transformation, it is also recommended to implement small changes in your life, in your daily activities, and do so by playing and creating with all aspects of you, as stated above, and all done with joy. At first, some of these changes may not seem fun or easy, but as you soon look beyond them, you will have a new perspective and start to create them with pure joy. That will be a game changer for you!

As you realize these actions benefit the “ALL,” observe as the master does. Then, question again, and create by taking the role of the alchemist. Notice how just minor changes can bring forth huge payoffs to your overall transformation, your reality, your life.

As you watch all these creations taking place in your new reality (boomerangs), don’t forget to celebrate them for the creations they are. And because you did them with all aspects of you, including pure joy (just as creation itself creates,) you lead yourself to the next cycles of Joy and Wonder, and the only emotion you will have left! (joy)

Some examples of these small changes are anything from what type of energy you take in (food/surroundings/information,) to what time you start your day, to movement activities, etc. You will soon see how all these little milestones are truly in coherence with your blueprint and who you are evolving to become (already are, you just may not be aware of it yet.)

All these wonderful changes will inspire new creations, and will also assist you to embody your newly awaiting “rainbow light- body” that will allow you to tune in and embody these new to you cycles/vibrations/dimensions, to merge with all aspects of you, no matter what form they are in… not to mention the vibration of “Aloha” as the Ultimate Alchemist.

No longer limited in the physical, but limitless in the physical. Which is what the human project is all about!

As you start to move forward in this linear progression (for the human mind to comprehend) to the cycles of Joy and Wonder, you realize everything in your life is what you are choosing in this new paradigm, as the full creator being you are!

A deep sense of freedom surly set in as you went through your learning curve and transformation. You lost your identities enough to embody the vibration of the New Earth, you gained your unshakable peace and self-realization. You are by now on your way to an increasing level of freedom, expansion and joy. You have heard this before, well it hasn’t changed!

Surely, it doesn’t stop here! Evolution, expansion, and creation are a never-ending process. After the cycles of Joy and Wonder, you evolve to embody the vibration of “Aloha,” which is a different aspect of the New Earth. It is the new frontier for humanity as we evolve as whole and transform from human to humanoid, through the help of our own doing, and by expansion of consciousness (spiritually and /or technologically, done in the physical or etheric, and it won’t stop there!)

Of course, there is no judgment from us on how you do this, because you must have lost your judgments to get here in the first place. In fact, we celebrate however it is done, as it is all a necessary part and way of creation and evolution. We call this vibration “Aloha” because it resonated with Maria and David, and we have no words to describe it. It is truly a magical vibration one must experience, and you will for yourself!

“Aloha” is not the same meaning as you may have heard of, as it is commonly used on Earth, as lovely and wonderful as it is. What we mean is deeper than that! As you know, everything has layers, and you have learned this along your way…

You will be transforming more and more to accommodate your rainbow light-body, more and more.

Your physical body will make the necessary changes as well. Scientists are starting to take notice of this… Your DNA, physiology, cellular structure, your organs and glands will also undergo massive transformation over time. Longevity will be a common 300 plus human years, as you evolve and transform deeper and deeper into “Aloha.” Your hormonal balance will change as well, affecting some of the female and masculine organs too. All these types of changes are happening not only to support your rainbow-light bodies, but because of the way you will do everything (from the way you communicate, eat, travel inter-dimensionally, to how you create strictly with consciousness and thoughts, to your way of being.)

You will be in a constant state of joy and wonder. You will be an embodiment of grace in action on all accounts, as a finely tuned receiver and transmitter, communicating and creating with all aspects of you in the ever present “NOW,” no matter what form that may take.

The term “oneness” will have been understood, embodied and realized. Your choices and creations naturally are triple wins for all of creation. And even though you are unrecognizable to those still focusing on the other cycles of evolution, for that specific expansion that takes place there, friends and family included, over time, you will not even remember the early part of what you call this incarnation/experiences, as your longevity surpasses those who have not yet chosen to experience this part of evolution.

Don’t let where you are heading startle you or cause any anxiety or concern. In fact, if you are reading this, you know where you are going and well on your way to “Aloha.” A life beyond magic, a life beyond limitations, a life as who you truly are, the full embodiment and realization of the Forever Being you are!

And thus, we welcome you…


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NOTE: This is a reposted blog from 04/13/2021 from The Forever Beings