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Our Next Forever Beings WORKSHOP entitled ‘Understanding Your Soul’s Journey & How to Thrive in this New Paradigm’ begins on 28th January, 2022.

Understanding Your Soul's Journey & How to Thrive in this New Paradigm WORKSHOP

In this 3-day weekend online WORKSHOP you will learn about your soul's journey, how to align with your soul's purpose (applying The Forever Beings Method©) and how to thrive in this New Paradigm (New Earth).

The Forever Beings Transformational Private Session

Apply The Forever Beings Method© , and experience "in your own skin" what is needed to transform and thrive in the New Paradigm.

Your soul has brought you here for a reason!

It is time for you to understand what your soul is going through and why, and align yourself with your soul's purpose!

Are you ready to start  your next chapter of your soul's journey?

Learn about The Forever Beings, LLC

The Forever Beings focuses on those just arriving to, rooting, and establishing fully in this New Paradigm (New Earth), so they can know how to thrive and live abundantly here.

They are the pioneers of a new cycle of evolution that teaches expansion of consciousness and energy manipulation, by combining the basics of quantum physics and spiritual alchemy, so we can harness the energy within and all around us and experience the magic of the vibration of the New Earth and beyond. 

We are 'The Forever Beings'

Hello! We are David and Maria and we are the co-founders of The Forever Beings. After studying many healing and ascension modalities, working with hundreds of clients all around the world, and experiencing the shift by ourselves, we bring the teachings of The Forever Beings to you.

We are here to show the way to those who wish to create and manifest a better living, and join us in Paradise.

Are you ready to understand what your soul's journey is & how to thrive in this New Paradigm?

The fastest way to do this is by attending one of our workshops, and/or participating in a Transformational Private Session. Get ready to experience "The Shift" using The Forever Beings Method© 

2022 Upcoming Online Workshops

MAY 6~8
JUNE 3~5
JULY 1~3

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